About the Peaceful Dog

The Peaceful Dog was founded by dog trainer and behavior counselor Lauren Camerini with a simple goal: to help New York City dogs and their parents learn to live and thrive together in a peaceful and respectful environment.

The Peaceful Dog’s approach is based upon Lauren’s Whole Dog Philosophy—we heal the “whole dog,” not just the problem that the dog may be presenting. While basic manners training and behavior modification are the focus of our practice, every consultation includes a discussion of your dog’s overall quality of life, including nutrition, exercise, and enrichment activities. The Peaceful Approach is:

  • Holistic: We treat the whole dog and not simply a specific behavior.
  • City-Centric: Lauren Camerini is a born-and-bred New Yorker who understands the demands of city living with dogs, as well as the needs of savvy, sophisticated dog parents.
  • Personalized: Our services are highly customized to meet the unique needs of each dog and dog parent. Director of Training Lauren Camerini is intimately involved with each case. She is available to her clients 24/7.
  • Advanced: Our science-based, research-backed methodologies are cemented in Learning Theory (the science of how mammals learn) and Ethology (the study of animal behavior). We are up-to-date with current research on canine cognition, and regularly attend continuing education seminars.
  • Experienced: Our expertise is backed by training, certifications, and the hands-on experience that you and your dogs deserve.
NYC pet care for NYC dogs.