Private Training Services

Whether you are an experienced dog parent looking for support with complicated behavioral issues, or a new dog parent needing help with basic training, The Peaceful Dog has customizable programs for every stage of the dog/parent relationship. Our programs are highly personalized to fit your dog, your needs, your lifestyle, and your schedule. The cornerstone of all our programs is comprehensive, whole-dog wellness; we do not teach dominance theory or support aversive training. Our private Services include:

PEACE Program

PEACE ProgramThis program helps new dog parents overcome the challenges of welcoming a dog into their home. We show you how to start out on the right foot by teaching your dog communication skills, boundaries, and how to bond with you. Whether your new dog is a puppy or adult, we give you all the essential information you need to raise a happy and healthy dog. Topics include:

  • Dog Proofing your home before the new dog arrives
  • Housetraining
  • How to “speak Dog”
  • How to prevent/deal with common doggy problems such as jumping, chewing, nipping, and barking
  • Crate Training
  • Introducing your new dog to your current dog and other family members
  • Basic manners training to help your dog to master skills such as sit, down, come, leave it, wait, and leash walking
  • Socialization: how and when to introduce your dog to new people, new places and other dogs

The PEACE Package Includes:

  • 6 private training lessons done in your home or outside
  • Customized Training Plans: Notes, lesson recaps, training exercises, and homework after each lesson
  • Additional handouts on key training tips and socialization
  • Unlimited (24/7) phone and email access to Director of Training Lauren Camerini for follow-up questions and troubleshooting
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Private Manners Lessons

We provide basic, intermediate, and advanced private manners training for dogs of all ages, abilities, and dispositions. Your dog’s private manners lessons can take place in your home, at a park, or in your neighborhood—or a combination of all three. We work with you and your dog in real-life situations to teach your dog to behave in your home, on the street, and anywhere else you go.

Private Training Packages include:

  • Personalized Training Plans
  • Notes, lesson recaps, training exercises, and homework after each lesson
  • Reinforcement activities for you and your dog
  • Unlimited (24/7) access to our trainers for follow-up questions and trouble-shooting

Our goal is to leave you with a tool box of training abilities to empower you to continue working with your dog to create a peaceful atmosphere. You can also combine this program with our popular Day Training Tutorial Program.

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Behavior Modification

This approach is appropriate for dogs exhibiting more serious behavioral issues, such as separation anxiety, leash-aggressions, guarding food/objects, nuisance barking, doorbell anxiety and other phobias, barking/lunging at dogs or people, and other fear-based behaviors.

Because emotions drive behavior, it is important to identify the underlying psychological state that is driving your dog’s behavior. At The Peaceful Dog, we first modify your dog’s emotional state and then incorporate basic manners. We do this by identifying, analyzing, and reconditioning the dog’s emotional response to the person, object, or event that elicits the reaction. Our Whole Dog approach means we get to the root of the problem by modifying not simply the behavioral issue but the underlying problems that are creating the behavior.

Your program will begin with an Initial Behavior Consult, in which we do the following:

  • Take a complete history of your dog
  • Have a brief educational discussion of the issue
  • Provide a prognosis of the situation and explain the risks involved
  • Determine the type of training program needed to modify your dog’s behavior
  • Identify realistic expectations for the program
  • Determine whether to work in conjunction with a veterinary behaviorist

Behavior Modification Programs include:

  • Initial Behavior Consult of 1.5 to 2 hours (see above)
  • Customized Behavior Modification Plan that fits your lifestyle and schedule
  • Detailed notes emailed to the client with in 48 hours of the Consultation
  • Unlimited, 24/7 access to our trainers for follow-up questions and trouble shooting
  • Identify realistic expectations for the program
  • Determine whether to work in conjunction with a veterinary behaviorist

Not sure whether your dog needs behavior modification or manners training? Click here to learn more about the difference.

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Wellness Program
Wellness ProgramGain both the knowledge and the practical skills to enhance your dog’s overall quality life. Our holistic wellness program helps you improve your dog’s life through nutrition, exercise, and entertainment. Our expert staff will give you fun, easy, and practical methods to strengthen your bond with your pup. This Program focuses on deepening your relationship with your dog through tricks, scent work, manners, puzzles, and more! The Wellness Program includes topics such as:

  • Nutrition: Optimizing your dog’s health through food
  • Exercise: The right type and amount for your dog’s breed, age, and overall health
  • Weight Management: Keeping a healthy weight
  • Relationship-Building: How to strengthen the bond between you and your dog
  • Enrichment: Entertainment and other activities to further stimulate your dog
  • More!
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Pet Selection: Different Breeds Have Different Needs

Looking for a new puppy but not sure where to begin? The Peaceful Dog can help you find the perfect breed to fit your lifestyle. We can also help you navigate the process of finding that perfect dog once you’ve selected a breed. We help you with the following types of issues:

  • What breed(s) is right for you?
  • Adoption vs. purchasing
  • Puppy or older dog?
  • Where to buy and how to find the right breeder or adoption agency
  • Selecting the right dog for you and your family
  • Paperwork, vaccines, recommended vet exams, etc.

The Peaceful Dog encourages adoption/purchase from rescue organizations and shelters or from responsible breeders. We do not support pet stores that sell puppies. Click here to learn why.

For questions about pricing, scheduling, and how to customize the perfect private training solution for you and your dog, contact Director of Training Lauren Camerini at 917.628.8736 or