Many Peaceful Dog clients come to us as the result of referrals from NYC vets as well as happy NYC clients who recommend us. We are grateful to the vets and dog parents who comprise our Peaceful Dog Family! We hope your dog is the next Peaceful Dog.

Vet Referrals

“I’ve worked with Lauren on several cases.  She is a creative, professional trainer who has an excellent grasp of the science involved in dog training and is able to handle complex cases.  She is clear, honest, and encouraging with clients while always keeping the best interests of the dog in mind.  Lauren can assess when an animal needs further help than she can provide alone and works cooperatively with other experts when needed.  Many of my own patients do best with a team of professionals on board.  Lauren writes reports for each session and keeps me in the loop with my patients. I love being on a team with her and seeing our mutual clients get results.”Dr. E’Lise Christensen, Veterinary Behaviorist, New York City

“Lauren is the best trainer on the Upper East Side. As a veterinarian it is important to me that I have a person I can trust with my clients. Lauren always provides knowledgeable and practical solutions for everyday behavior problems.” —Dr. Bunning, New York City

Client Testimonials

“We have known Lauren and trusted her guidance for many years. She first helped us train, socialize and care for our Bernese Mountain Dog, Duke. Throughout his life she was an invaluable asset. She was always available to instruct, answer questions, train and to just “talk dog” when it was needed. When we decided to to search for a Golden Retriever rescue we once again turned to Lauren. She searched for the best foster agencies, gave us lists of questions to ask and taught us what to look for while observing, playing and walking our potential next best friend. When we narrowed our search down to a few hopefuls, Lauren performed temperament tests to help us find our perfect fit. Our boy Cosmo is now under Laurens care and we look forward to another life long relationship. Laurens knowledge, talent, love and devotion for dogs is unsurpassed. If you need assistance in finding the “peaceful dog” in your best friend, we highly recommend Lauren Camerini.”

—John Gilchrist, Parent of Peaceful Dog Cosmo

“Lauren has been so helpful in the training and care of our dog, Lulu. We had many questions when we brought her home from the breeder and Lauren’s training tips made raising a puppy a joy and not a challenge. Lulu stays with Lauren when we travel and her pet sitting service is safe, reliable and lots of fun for Lulu. We adore Lauren!”

–Rosanna Scotto and Louis Ruggiero


“We met Lauren before we even had Madison in our home. This was the best decision because it truly made all the difference in welcoming Madison into our home and the subsequent transition to our apartment and to the loud bustling streets of NYC. Lauren helped us puppy proof our home, made sure we had all the essential supplies, and trained my daughters and I how to handle and live with a new puppy. In the beginning we worked with Lauren on house breaking, obedience, walking on leash, barking, and socialization. As time went on, we enjoyed training with Lauren so much that we have continued to advanced obedience, tricks, and bonding games.

I would recommend Lauren to anyone who wants the best for their canine. Lauren is the difference between having mediocre trained dog and having a dog that is exceptionally trained, peaceful and a great addition to one’s family.”

—Lauren Gershon & Emily and Kaily Ghazi, Parents of Peaceful Dog Madison

“We can’t speak enough about Lauren’s abilities as a trainer. She has helped us solve what seemed to be difficult problems quickly and easily through patience, coaching and teaching by example. She a very effective communicator, and is creative in her approach, adapting her style to the needs of her owners and their pets.

Lauren has been an invaluable resource to us on a number of issues including nutrition, medications and of course behavior. She is well-versed about available options and has provided guidance to us on a frequent basis.

Lauren has also been a fabulous dog sitter. We have left our dog Gus under her care countless times, often for extended periods, and feel beyond comfortable with her care taking. She is extremely focused on the dogs that she works with and cares for.”

—Mike and Adriana Clancy, Parents of Peaceful Dog Gus

“Lauren is positive proof that you can, indeed, teach an old dog new tricks. Humphrey was nearly seven years old when I asked Lauren for help with both socialization and leash reactivity issues towards other dogs. She was wonderful with both of us; Humphrey immediately not only fell in love with her but proved that, with the right teacher, he could be an eager and attentive student. And Lauren was the soul of patience with me, tailoring her training methods and suggestions to what would work for Humphrey and for me as a team.  Her positive techniques, amazing teachining skills, and  instructions always followed up by an email to review, have turned our walks on lead from difficult to an absolute pleasure.  I can’t recommend her enough!”

—Carol Duffy, Parent of Peaceful Dog Humphrey

“We had worked with two trainer’s prior meeting to Lauren. Our dog Kayla was out of control with jumping, barking, chasing and nipping. Lauren’s calm gentle energy immediately had a positive effect on Kayla. Lauren truly understands dog behavior and how dogs learn; she was therefore not only able to teach Kayla but she was also able educate my family. Within two weeks we felt like we had a different dog. Training changed our relationship with Kayla and created a brilliant young dog.”

—Sherry, Parent of Peaceful Dog Kayla

“Thanks to Lauren we finally have a Peaceful Dog. Her methods are based in science and proven to work! Our dog would bark and lunge at every dog on the street. After a couple of sessions we were able to walk calmly down the street. After a couple of months our dog was back to playing off leash in Central Park with every dog. Lauren is the best NYC has to offer.”

—Jane, Parent of Sky