Top 5 tips to a Peaceful Dog

Lauren’s Top 5 tips to having a Peaceful Dog

  1. Get control of your dogs behavior by controlling some of his favorite things!

Use some of the many things your dogs loves in life to teach him how to be a Peaceful Dog. Ask your dog to “Sit” before you throw the ball, “Lie Down” before your open the door for a walk, “Stay” while you put on his collar and to “Come” for an invite on the sofa!

  1. Teach your dog to relax when you relax.

Having fun with your dog is very important but there comes a time when they need to settle quietly at your feet. When you are home watching TV or on the computer, ask your dog to lie at your feet. Give him a bone or kong. If he gets up, ask him to lie down again. It is quiet time. Your dog will learn that when you are calm he should be calm too.

  1. Catch your dog doing something you like and praise him for it.

If you reward good behavior your dog is likely to repeat that behavior. One of the easiest ways to make “bad” behavior go away is to ignore the bad and reward the good! If your dog lies down to relax, sits quietly in the elevator, stands quietly while you check out at a store, tell him what a brilliant canine citizen he is!

  1. Provide appropriate Chew Toys.

Chew items are a doggy parent’s best friend! Dogs are hard wired to want to chew and use their jaws. Provide a variety of nice and safe chew toys for your dog on a daily basis. If your dog is busy chewing a toy they are not chewing the furniture, your shoes or barking! A busy dog is a peaceful dog!

  1. Socialization

Dogs are social creatures. They like to be with us and enjoy doing different activities. Socialization is not just for puppies! Your dog needs exposure to new people, places and dogs through out his life. Try doing something new and different with your dog at least 2 times per week. Take a walk along a new route in the park, visit a dog friendly store, make a play date with a neighborhood dog, or sit outside at a café and have lunch with your dog.


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