Change your dog’s behavior in 7 days

New Yorkers are always short on time. We are busy professionals who adore our dogs but don’t always make training a priority. By following these few easy steps you can change your dog’s behavior and improve your parenting skills in just 7 days!

1. Ask your dog to “Sit” before your put down their food bowl. This will teach your dog patience and not to charge the food bowl when it is mealtime.

 2. Ask your dog to “Lie Down” before you throw a toy. When they bring the toy back say “Drop” and trade your dog for a treat. Remember to ask for a down again before you toss that toy!

 3. Ask your dog to “Sit and Stay” before you open a door. Open the door, walk out, and then invite your dog to come meet you.  This will prevent your dog from pulling or rushing through doors, and help them become a more peaceful dog.

4. Bring treats on your walk. If someone asks to pet your dog say “Sure but we’re in training. Here is a treat, please ask my dog to sit before you give it to him.” This will reinforce the behavior of sitting and not jumping, and it will get your dog used to behaving for strangers.

 5. Fill 5 tiny Tupperware jars with treats and place them in different locations in your apartment. When your dog is distracted, wonder over to one of the treat stations and call your dog to come. Praise and reward your dog with 3-5 treats when they come. This will teach your dog that you don’t need to be in “training mode” to be rewarded for good behavior.  



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