Favorite Dog Treats

Dog training is all about motivation. Dogs (and humans!) work to attain something or avoid something. A well crafted training plan uses a variety of dog treats that are categorized into high value, medium value and low value. Please keep in mind that rewards are individual to the dog! What one dog loves another dog may think is below average on the yummy scale.

Here is a short video that explains the importance of understanding motivation and the value of treats when training your dog:


High Value Treats

Use: Great for practicing coming when called, practicing behaviors around high levels of distractions, leash walking, and behavior modification.

Healthy people food

  • Chicken, Turkey
  • Steak, burger meat
  • Salmon or halibut
  • Carrots, Cucumbers, and green beans
  • Gold fish, unsalted pretzels, cooked pasta 

Natural Balance Dog Food Log

  • This is actually a dog food so its complete and balanced
  • Its great for training!!
  • Cut it up into bite size chunks and keep 1 weeks worth in the fridge
  • Put the rest in the freezer and take out as needed

 Vital Complete Meals

  • This is actually a dog food so its complete and balanced
  • Its great for training!!
  • It comes in small bite size pieces
  • Great for outside work, especially leash walking

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Jerky


  • Dogs love the flavor and you can cut the strips into small pieces for training 

Middle Value Treats

  • Middle value treats are great for practicing basic manners behaviors inside and outside

 Wellness Pure Rewards in any flavor

 Cloud Star Chewy Treats

 Merrick Lamb Lung


Low Value Treats

Low value treats can be used for behaviors your dog knows well when you are practicing inside. Your training program should never consist of only low value treats.

Your dogs regular dry dog food

Cloud Star hard biscuits  


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